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Nadal Intermediate
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When the children reach this age, they have already quite developed their psychomotor skills, their coordination and attention, adapting themselves much better to the demands of the game.

This is the perfect age to let children experiment with racket shots, balancing the ball and coming into contact with the basic technique of this sport. The intent is to help children become accustomed to the court, to its dimensions, to the handles and weight of the rackets and balls. In addition, the little ones will begin to strengthen their speed, agility and reflexes, toning at the same time all the muscles in their body

Technique example: Advanced technique of one-handed forehand; two-handed backhand; upper and lower arm serve; forehand and backhand volley, running shots etc.

Motor and Cognitive skills example: hand-eye coordination; balancing (static (still) and dynamic (moving)); inertia control; opposite force control; momentum adjustment (linear & circular); use of elastic energy; use of coordination chain; agility building etc.

Racquets example: 23-inch to 25-inch tennis racquets

Net height (at the centre): 80-91.4cm; 31.5-36in)

Ball uses: Orange or green balls

NextGen provides a space where the potential of all kinds could be realised, our academy focus on Early Elite Mini Tennis Development and Childhood Physical Development, which aims to promote more of Hong Kong's juniors into the leading national-level and unleash students’ potentials into an all-rounded fashion player, athletes and people. Worth Noticing, NextGen also applies machine learning to tennis coaching, by utilising diverse ability tests to speed up the tennis development progress, safe time cost for searching students’ strengths and weaknesses, as to promote better communication between coaches and players. Our Management Team includes Kevin Wong, Patrick Yung, Hugo Wong and Sky Wong, who have been participated in numerous overseas international tennis competitions since 8 years old. We have joined various professional overseas tennis academies such as Thailand, Taiwan, Britain, China. The plentiful years of coaching experience from us have always improved ourselves, in order to strive for the best knowledge transfer to players who pursue their careers in professional tennis
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