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Future Leaders Aviation Program (Phase Alpha)
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$2,430.00 - $2,590.00
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Future Leaders Aviation Program (FLAP) offers practical and fun-filled aviation and science based experiments to foster the habit of evaluating and exploring. We believe kids need to be encouraged to think critically and innovatively and have the confidence to explore. The program is designed to equip students with the skills to apply classroom knowledge to real world problems and prepare them to succeed in a global economy.

Course Benefit

Academic Development

  • To teach fundamental aviation knowledge, from physics behind flying, aircraft system and structure, to meteorology and human factors in flying
  • To improve student's understanding of school knowledge
  • To equip students with the skills to apply school knowledge to real-world situations

Personal Development

  • To cultivate student's interest in aviation and equip them with a solid aviation background to develop an aviation career aspiration
  • To instill positive values and professional aptitude in students
  • To encourage students to develop different forms of personal skills, including critical and innovative thinking, communication, team-working and problem-solving
  • To motivate students to reach their full potential
Aerosim is an Aviation Technology company providing End-to-End Aviation Training & Education Tech solutions. Aerosim is committed to developing comprehensive aviation training solutions to enhance students’ learning and motivate students to reach their full potential. Aerosim was established in 2014 and we are recommended by HKSTP and Cyberport. We are an official partner with Microsoft Education.
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