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Chinese Writing with Boardgame (Online Course)
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$2,400.00 - $3,000.00
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- Booth learning motivation
- Enrich vocabulary database
- Development writing skills

How is it different from the other writing course:
1. Enhance motivation: Students make sentences using the word cards that they draw. They can compete in an individual or team base. Competitive and fun!z
2. Learn at our own style: Each student get the chance to express their own way of writing, sometimes vocabularies are used in the wrong way or incomplete meaning, the teacher will guide them how to put their thinking into the correct way, instead of teaching everyone to write the same story.

Play to Learn Writing
1. Materials designed by a group of speech therapies and educators
2. Learn >180 vocabularies and 8 writing skills in one course
3. You can get lesson video of each lesson in order to know more about your child's performance in the lesson
4. Each student who attends the whole course (12 lessons) will get one book of their own work. Some of the excellent pieces will be selected to publish as a book.

「致德教育」的故事 致德教育成立超過 10 年, 子設有實體分校,及與不同教育中心進行課程合作,並在疫後推行一系列網上課程。配合經驗豐富的老師以及小組學習的網上課程,為孩子提供便捷高效的學習體驗。致德教育亦積極研發獨家課程及教育產品,包括針對非華語及幼兒學中文字的「STRAW」,以及能有效幫助特殊教育需要的兒童認識中文字的「形聲拼字」課程,以廣東話童謠及詩歌為核心的「童謠中文班」等。學生和家長對我們的信任,是我們持續提供優質教育的最大動力。致德教育的目標是為孩子提供可以玩著學的樂學課程,讓更多孩子愛上學習。
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