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Play Buddies Social Thinking Online Playgroup
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Using a non-directive and unstructured play model in online playgroups, students will be able to build up their self-confidence by receiving affirmation through interaction, enhancing their ability to express themselves and understand emotions, problem solving and creative thinking skills. The course is also suitable for students with special educational needs.

Children's play orientation:
1. Emotional exploration
2. Collaborative discussion
3. Emotion drawing
4. Creative problem solving
5. Social play
6. Empathy

Don Leung Lik Hong 梁力康 註冊社工 註冊積木遊戲治療導師 LEGO®️-Based Therapy 認可導師(英國劍橋大學自閉症研究中心認可) Certified AutPlay®️Therapist 兒童遊戲治療小組導師 兒童為本遊戲治療證書 心理投射畫畫評估證書 焦慮症及認知行為治療證書 視覺藝術及文化研究文憑 多年特殊教育需要兒童工作經驗
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