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Expressive arts is an activity that combines visual arts and crafts, music, drama, dance and writing with child-based games and other artistic mediums to achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The group will engage in a variety of creative and experiential activities that will allow students to express their emotions and ideas and to relax.

enhance children's self-control, self-concept, self-confidence and self-efficacy
enhance creativity, creative-thinking and social skills
help children become self-aware of their emotions and behaviour

Don Leung Lik Hong 梁力康 註冊社工 註冊積木遊戲治療導師 LEGO®️-Based Therapy 認可導師(英國劍橋大學自閉症研究中心認可) Certified AutPlay®️Therapist 兒童遊戲治療小組導師 兒童為本遊戲治療證書 心理投射畫畫評估證書 焦慮症及認知行為治療證書 視覺藝術及文化研究文憑 多年特殊教育需要兒童工作經驗
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