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Deep Stretching (4 / 10 Sessions)
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Participants in the classes will learn to relax their muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. For those who have to stand or sit for long periods of time or live a fast-paced lifestyle, higher flexibility will lower their risk of injury and improve their performance in physical activities and everyday life. Deep stretching can relieve muscle and back discomfort while also relaxing the body and mind.

Asa was fascinated by the body's movement and its connection to the mind and soul. An exhausting period of rehab made her starting from the bottom. Years later, Asa immersed herself in a RYT200 to understand more about the great importance of the foundation of every posture. With the knowledge on anatomy and alignment, offering the right drills to students on different body structures. Her yoga experience helped improve her flexibility on various sports ranging from dancing to aerials to pole dance. Not only does she enjoy putting yoga practice into dancing but also passionate teaching and sharing the benefits of yoga with people. Asa teaches Yoga Stretch, Hatha, Yogance and Backbending. She hopes to create a space that students can learn at their own pace. To accept and appreciate their own bodies and minds, and learn with an open mind to explore more about themselves. Be prepared to sweat, stretch and most importantly let go and have fun! Let’s meet Asa on the mat! Yogance Class: Yogance marries music with movement, integrating yoga and dance. In this class, movement is synced to the beat of the music and the rhythm carries the flow of the class. You will flow to curated sequences set to slow, fast, and upbeat songs selected from genres ranging from contemporary jazz to pop! Feel your body groove to move sweat, flow, and connect deeply to the beat of music and the rhythm of your heart.
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