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Chinese Tea Ceremony Cultural Interest Class
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Chinese tea culture has had a profound impact on the world. By learning the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, students will not only be able to deepen their understanding of Chinese history and culture, but also be able to ease the pressure of work and life through tea tasting.

Course Content
Lesson 1 (1, 2 Lessons)
History of the Tea War and green tea tasting
Lesson 2 (3, 4 Lessons)
Tea etiquette and technique as well as black tea tasting
Lesson 3 (5, 6 Lessons)
The basic requirements of making a good cup of tea (tea selection and water quality requirements) and a recommendation of four seasons tea

宋允和 國家級茶藝師及評茶員 大嶼山立農茶館首席表演茶藝師 擅長烏龍茶,岩茶沖泡。
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