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EFA European Flower Arrangement Trial Class (EFA-1)
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This elementary flower arrangement course covers the fundamentals of modern European table flower arrangements through the use of flower foam. Students will learn the elements and principles of different table flower arrangement designs and be able to explore various forms: formal table centerpieces, contemporary vertical corner designs, natural floral arrangements and many practical daily design concepts.

  • Introduction to the world of flower arrangement
  • Explore seasonal cut flowers and foliages
  • Learn basic floral design concepts

​​Interactive learning approach – Our instructor will kick start each class with a demonstration of the design with detailed explanation, following a step-by-step method to ensure students develop the necessary applicable techniques and skills.

You will then have the opportunity to work on your own arrangement, guided by our experienced instructors every step of the way.

Everything you make is yours to take home – which will be another learning opportunity to observe different flowers and foliages’ full character and vase life.

The class will be held by experienced teachers from the Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement.

The Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement (HKAFA) - a renowned international school of flower arrangement. Established in 1989, aims to cultivate flower enthusiasts with global inspirations. With students around the world, partnered with I.A.F - International Academy of FLoristry and world-leading floristry designers like Thomas de Bruyne (Belgium) and Per Benjamin (Sweden), HKAFA aims to bridge global standards and relevant flower practices to our academy. We offer a wide range of modern European floral designs catering to all levels, with certificates and diplomas accredited by KUNTSMUSEUM Den Haag, the Netherlands. We also provide Jane Packer London (renowned floristry brand in London) certificate courses exclusively in the Asia Pacific region. We have a long establishment of creative consultant experience for brands, providing in-house branding training as well as professional florist training over the years. Farfetch, Diptyque Paris, L’Oreal were some of our long term clients that we work closely with.
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