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Wire Weaving Jewelry / French Beading Flower / Macramé – Art WorkShop (Adult Class)
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小小的心意勝過千言萬語,想為自己及家人製作獨一無二的飾物盡顯心意? Wire Weaving Jewelry 透過銅線展現水晶的美,以簡單技巧創造出不同的形態,愛水晶的朋友不要錯過,齊來發掘水晶最獨特的一面!​ French Beading Flower 由人手把過千粒的小米珠編製出獨特的花藝,讓花的美以另一種姿態呈現並延續永恆。 Macramé 由人手一線一線編織出獨特的圖案,創造出自己的個人風格的作品,融入各式生活單品 “A Different Way To Express Yourself”
『 Duet Handmade is a collaboration between two sisters, Elizabeth and Elke, with a passion to create handcrafted work that are uniquely expressive. Specialized in the creation of French beaded flowers, our flowers are intricately handcrafted through beading and sculpting thousands of tiny glass seed beads into works of art, capturing the essence of flower, forever. ​ We believe each piece should have a deep personal meaning for our customers. At Duet Handmade, custom orders are always welcome – from the selection of color to flower type and design, we are here to help you create the perfect pieces for your home, office and special occasions which can be kept as a lifetime memento. ​ We also offer workshops where you can learn how to create your own French Beaded Products. 』
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