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By ILK Post
October 30, 2023
The Benefits of Playing Soccer from a Young Age

Football is a globally popular sport, especially for children's development, learning football has many benefits.

Firstly, playing soccer can exercise the body, improve physical fitness, enhance coordination, and flexibility. Secondly, playing football can cultivate a sense of teamwork. Young football players need to cooperate with teammates during training or matches, learn to support and collaborate with each other, complement each other on the field, demonstrate team spirit, and achieve the game's goals. Moreover, playing football also helps develop positive character traits such as perseverance, self-discipline, a healthy competitive mindset, and team spirit.

What is the best age to start learning to play soccer? The best age for football initiation is between 3 and 7 years old. If children start engaging in football activities from ages 3 to 6, it can establish a solid foundation for their coordination, speed, and flexibility. In Germany, it is generally believed that children can begin learning football around ages 3 to 5. It is worth mentioning that Lionel Messi, the player who has won the most FIFA Ballon d'Or awards in history, started playing football at the age of 4 when he joined a local football club.

What are the benefits of playing soccer for children's growth? And what aspects do the various soccer courses on the market focus on when training their students? Let's explore the advantages of learning soccer and find the most suitable soccer class for children to cultivate their interest and skills in soccer below.

Teamwork is the primary task in playing soccer

Soccer is a team sport where players must maintain close communication and coordination with their teammates in order to effectively pass the ball and collaborate with each other. Through learning soccer, children can learn to cooperate with others, learn to listen and express their ideas and learn to play different roles within a team. Mastering these skills early on is beneficial for children's future social interaction and collaboration abilities.

Football players who undergo systematic training through football club systems usually have higher technical skills and tactical understanding. This football school is supported by a renowned British football club and follows the club's concept to provide professional training for young players in Hong Kong. Up to now, this football school has established 60 branches in Hong Kong and has 6 elite teams of different age groups, training over 5000 students annually.

They also offer different levels of courses, including regular classes, advanced classes, and elite teams, to maximize the potential of each player. Additionally, this soccer school has established 6 campuses in Hong Kong to better serve a wide range of students.

Regular classes at the football school

  • Age: 3-11
  • Location: Quarry Bay / Happy Valley / Lok Fu / Kowloon Bay / Ma On Shan / Siu Sai Wan

Playing soccer is not about physique, but tactics

Currently, Japanese football is considered to have the highest level in Asia. Japan and Hong Kong share similarities in terms of geographical location and player physique. In terms of physique, emulating Japanese football can indeed have certain benefits for Hong Kong players. Although Japanese players may have relatively weaker physical conditions compared to European and American countries, it does not mean that their achievements are limited to this aspect.

The following soccer courses have learned from the recent success and development advantages of Japanese soccer and made corresponding adjustments and integration for Hong Kong players. 

The courses draw on Japan's training methods, tactical concepts, team management models, as well as the cultivation of young players' technical and tactical abilities. Japan's soccer fundamentals, such as ball control, passing, and shooting techniques, are top-notch. They excel in attacking, defending, and changing directions with speed, agility, and flexibility, thus leading the game's rhythm. Their high level of discipline contributes to training physical fitness, body quality, and endurance. 

By drawing on the successful experiences of Japanese soccer, anyone, regardless of height, weight, or body shape, the school hopes every child can learn and enjoy soccer as long as they have interest and passion as well as cultivate more powerful players in Hong Kong.

Children and youth Japanese football training course

  • Age: 3-11
  • Location: Causeway Bay/ Prince Edward

Playing soccer helps improve children's physical fitness

Learning soccer has specific physical requirements. Players need to have high-speed running ability, body control, agility, as well as good endurance and flexibility. During the process of learning soccer, coaches can effectively leverage the advantages of children's physical qualities and improve their weaknesses through continuous training, thereby enhancing their overall physical fitness. Such training will lay a solid foundation for children to perform better in soccer matches and other sports activities.    

The following football clubs have been designated by the Hong Kong Football Association as district associations, consistently encouraging and nurturing the interest of Hong Kong youth in football. Their programs are dedicated to promoting the development of local football culture, cultivating more young talents for Hong Kong football, and bringing honor to HK. The training programs listed below aim to provide children and teenagers with an excellent platform to showcase their talents in the field of soccer and fulfill their dreams.

Seed Football Seed Training Program

  • Age: 3-10
  • Location: Yuen Long/ Tin Shui Wai

Indoor football allows children to enjoy a pure learning experience of playing football

Outdoor football indeed allows children to enjoy natural sunlight, absorb vitamin D, and have a positive impact on bone structure. Grass fields provide shock absorption, comfort, and traction. However, the unpredictable weather in Hong Kong can sometimes make parents worry about their children's health and learning progress. They may also have concerns about whether their children can safely enjoy the fun of playing football.

The following courses specifically move the football training venue from grass fields to indoor facilities, allowing players' training to be unaffected by the weather. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, children can enjoy playing football indoors.

The walls of this indoor football venue are equipped with safety padding, providing a safer environment for children. Children can better showcase their abilities and learn more football skills.

Indoor children's football training class (10 lessons)

  • Age: 3-7
  • Location: Diamond Hill

Football training can broaden children's international perspectives

Football has no borders, and fans from any region and country can connect through football. Through learning football, children are more likely to communicate with fans and players from different cultural backgrounds, understanding different football cultures and styles. In addition, participating in football matches provides a platform for children to communicate and collaborate with more players, allowing them to train and compete with teammates from diverse backgrounds.

Watching international football matches can allow children to understand different regional game rules, players, and tactical strategies, thereby broadening their horizons and increasing their understanding of the world.

The following football school has incorporated the world's most powerful "Spanish-style" as its core training, aiming to provide comprehensive football education for players. The coaching team consists of coaches holding UEFA Pro licenses, current Spanish professional players, and top local coaches, who will provide high-level guidance and training for students. Through the introduction of this training method and the expertise of the professional team, students will be able to broaden their horizons, understand and learn the skills, tactics, and philosophy of Spanish-style football. It provides valuable opportunities for their football development and helps them achieve greater success in the field of football.

There will also be current La Liga players as guest coaches, allowing children to witness the skills of world-class players and learn from them. It is a dream training ground for young La Liga fans.

LaLiga Football Schools Hong Kong Training Lesson

  • Age: 3-16
  • Location: Kai Tak / Sham Shui Po / Tseung Kwan O


There are many benefits to learning football. It can improve physical fitness, add fun to childhood, cultivate teamwork, and develop good character. We hope that all parents can use this article to choose the most suitable football class for your little football players, nurturing their interest and skills in football.

By ILK Post
October 30, 2023



究竟什麼歲數才是學習踢足球的最好時段?3歲至6歲是最佳的足球啟蒙時段。 如果幼兒在3歲至6歲開始接觸足球運動,能對協調能力、速度和柔軟度建立良好的基礎。 德國足球一般認為孩子在3歲至5歲之間可以初步學足球。 值得一提的是,史上獲得最多次世界足球先生和金球獎的球員梅西,就是在4歲時加入當地的足球俱樂部開始學足球的。

踢足球對孩子成長還有什麼好處呢?而市面上非常多的足球課程,究竟他們的課程又是主力培訓學員的那些方面呢? 一起在認識更多學足球的好處外,為孩子尋找最合適他們學習風格的足球班,培養孩子對足球的興趣和技能。


足球運動是一項團隊項目,足球員必須與隊友保持緊密的溝通和配合,才能有效地傳球和互相協作。 透過學足球,小朋友能夠學會與他人合作,學會傾聽和表達自己的想法,並學會在團隊中扮演不同的角色。 及早掌握這些能力對孩子的社交互動和合作能力都百利無一害。

通過球會系統式訓練的足球員通常具有較高的技術水準和戰術理解能力。 以下的足球學校由英國著名球會支援,並貫徹球會的概念,為香港的小球員提供專業訓練。足球學校截至目前為止在香港已經建立了6間分校,並擁有6支不同年齡的精英隊伍,每年培訓的學生超過5000人。 

他們亦提供不同程度的課程,包括常規班、深造班和精英隊,以發揮每位球員的最大潛力。 此外,此足球學校在香港設立了6個分校,更好地為廣大學員提供服務。


  • 對象: 3-11歲
  • 地點: 鰂魚涌 / 小西灣 / 跑馬地 / 樂富 / 九龍灣 / 馬鞍山





透過借鏡日本足球的成功經驗,無論身材高矮、體型胖瘦,只要有興趣和熱情,任何人都可以學習和享受足球。 更希望可以為香港培養更多有力的球員,在足球領域取得更大的進步。


  • 對象: 3-16歲
  • 地點: 銅鑼灣 / 太子


學足球對身體質素的有指定的要求。 球員需要具備高速奔跑、控制身體重心、靈活的步點,以及良好的耐力和柔韌力。 在學習足球過程中,教練能夠有效地發揮孩子們身體質素的優勢,並透過持續的訓練來改善他們身體上的不足之處,從而提高他們的整體身體質素水平,這樣的訓練將為孩子們在在足球比賽和其他體育活動中取得更好的表現打下堅實的基礎。


Seed 足球種子訓練計劃 (8 / 9節)

  • 對象: 3-10歲
  • 地點: 元朗 / 天水圍




此外,這個室內足球場地的牆上特加設有安全軟墊,為孩子們提供了更安全的環境。 在這樣安全舒適的室內足球場中,孩子們能夠更好地發揮自己的能力,學習更多的足球技巧。

室內兒童足球訓練班課程 (10節)

  • 對象: 3-7歲
  • 地點: 鑽石山


足球無分國界,來自任何地區和國家的球迷都可以透過足球連成一線。透過學足球,孩子更容易與不同文化背景的球迷和球員交流,了解不同的足球文化和風格。 此外,參與足球比賽也提供了一個和更多球員交流和合作的平台,讓孩子們可以與來自不同背景的隊友一起訓練和比賽。


以下足球學校引入了世界上最強大的「西班牙式」風格作為核心訓練,旨在為球員提供全面的足球教育。 教練團隊由持有歐洲足協Pro執照的教練、現役西班牙職業球員以及當地頂尖教練組成,他們將為學員提供高水準的指導和培訓。 透過這種引入的訓練方法和專業的專業團隊,學員將能開拓視野,了解和學習西班牙足球的技巧、戰術和理念。 為他們的足球發展提供寶貴的機會,並幫助他們在足球領域持續取得更大的成就。


LaLiga Football Schools Hong Kong Training Lesson

  • 對象: 3-16歲
  • 地點: 啟德 / 深水埗 / 將軍澳



By ILK Post
September 18, 2023


ILK Learning作為香港的專業課程搜索平台,特意為你整理了一些適合不同年紀和地區的課外補習班。


為補底追星而設的補習班 - 港島區




小學全科溫習班 (12節+)

  • 對象年紀: P.1 - P.6
  • 地點: 西營盤 / 實時網課
  • 語言: 廣東話
  • 價錢: $130 - $3,600

小學中文專科班 (4節+)

  • 對象年紀: P.1 - P.6
  • 地點: 西營盤 / 實時網課
  • 語言: 廣東話 / 普通話
  • 價錢: $130 - $760

初中全科溫習班 (14節+)

  • 對象年紀: F.1 - F.3
  • 地點: 西營盤 / 實時網課
  • 語言: 廣東話
  • 價錢: $130 - $4,000

為雙職家長而設的功課輔導及託管班 - 港島區



功課輔導及託管 (12 - 20節)

  • 對象年紀: K.2 - P.6
  • 地點: 灣仔區
  • 語言: 廣東話 / 英語
  • 價錢: $2,800 - $3,400

師生比例1:5的功課輔導班 - 港島區



功課輔導班 (20節)

  • 對象年紀: P.1 - P.6
  • 地點: 海怡半島
  • 語言: 廣東話
  • 價錢: $1,000 - $1,920

小班比例達私補效果的功課輔導班 - 九龍區

希望小朋友可以建立良好學習習慣和自主學習能力? 以下功課輔導班的小班比例運作可媲美私補效果,老師亦會提供專業的指導,確保學生能夠完成盡快完成功課。



  • 對象年紀: P.1 - P.6
  • 地點: 九龍城
  • 語言: 廣東話
  • 價錢: $2,800 - $3,300

擁有10多年教學經驗的私人補習班 - 九龍區



中小學主科私人補習班 (1節)

  • 對象年紀: K.1 - F.6
  • 地點: 觀塘 / 實時網課
  • 語言: 廣東話 / 普通話 / 英語
  • 價錢: $320 - $360

幼兒至小學特殊教育補習社 - 新界區




全方位幼兒課程 (8 - 20節)

  • 對象年紀: 6 - 12 (P.1 - P.6)
  • 地點: 屯門 / 元朗
  • 語言: 廣東話 / 普通話 / 英語
  • 價錢: $1,300 - $2,400

小學專科全方位鞏固課程 (4 - 20節)

  • 對象年紀: 2.5 - 5.5 (K.1 - K.3)
  • 地點: 屯門 / 元朗
  • 語言: 廣東話 / 普通話 / 英語
  • 價錢: $880 - $2,400

全科呈分試預備班 (8 - 20節)

  • 對象年紀: 9 - 12 (P.4-P.6)
  • 地點: 屯門 / 元朗
  • 語言: 廣東話 / 普通話 / 英語
  • 價錢: $1,600 - $2,400

教學手法靈活生動的奧林匹克數學課程 - 新界區



奧林匹克數學思維課程 (4節)

  • 對象年紀: 3 - 5 / 6 - 10
  • 地點: 屯門
  • 語言: 廣東話
  • 價錢: $800 - $900

建立穩建數理基礎及培育數學尖子的補習社 - 港九新界




小學數學專科常規班 (4節)

  • 對象年紀: 9 - 12 (P.4 - P.6)
  • 地點: 大圍 / 太子 / 天后
  • 語言: 廣東話
  • 價錢: $850

初中 / 高中數學專科常規班 (4節)

  • 對象年紀: F.1 - F.6
  • 地點: 大圍 / 太子 / 天后
  • 語言: 廣東話
  • 價錢: $950 - $1,250

英語學習平台 - 網上課程



劍橋英語考試準備課程, Jolly Phonics, English Thematic Course, English Story Builder



By ILK Post
September 18, 2023
Premier Tutorial Classes Spanning Across Hong Kong

Parents are always eagerly searching for the most suitable extracurricular tutorial classes for their children at certain times.

As a professional curriculum search platform in Hong Kong, ILK Learning has specifically curated a selection of extracurricular tutorial classes suitable for different age groups and regions.

Keep reading to provide your child with the most suitable after-school learning support, allowing them to comprehend better the knowledge they acquire. Simultaneously, through a structured learning environment, we aim to foster their self-discipline and study habits.

A tutorial center designed for remedial learning and academic advancement - Hong Kong Island District

Traditional schools often rely on large class teaching, making it difficult for teachers to individually focus on each student's learning progress due to the large number of students. This can result in some students being overlooked or not receiving sufficient guidance and support, which in turn affects their academic performance and interest in learning.

Furthermore, large class teaching reduces student engagement and interaction opportunities. Teachers find it challenging to give every student ample opportunities to speak up and participate, which can impact students' initiative and motivation to learn.

Tutorial centers stand out for their commitment to addressing the specific needs of each student. They craft personalized curriculum content that aligns with diverse learning objectives across different levels. With small class sizes and interactive student participation, they gain a deep insight into students' progress. Whether it's remedial support or academic advancement, these tutorial classes flexibly adjust their teaching content and methods to cater to individual needs. This adaptability empowers students to achieve their academic aspirations and excel in their studies.

Primary School General Revision Class (12 Lesson+)

  • Age: P.1 - P.6
  • Location: Sai Ying Pun / Live Online Classes
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Price: $130 - $3,600

Primary School Chinese Class (4 Lesson+)

  • Age: P.1 - P.6
  • Location: Sai Ying Pun / Live Online Classes
  • Language: Cantonese / Mandarin
  • Price: $130 - $760

Junior High School General Revision Class (14 Classes+)

  • Age: F.1 - F.3
  • Location: Sai Ying Pun / Live Online Classes
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Price: $130 - $4,000

Homework Assistance and Supervision Class for Dual-Working Parents - Hong Kong Island District

This is one of the largest tutorial centers in Wan Chai, equipped with dedicated classrooms and a spacious recreational activity room. Students can enjoy a conducive and focused study environment, effectively addressing homework challenges. In addition, they have the chance to read or participate in interactive play within our expansive activity room. This facilitates the development of not only academic skills but also important social abilities and communication as they engage with peers.

The Homework Assistance and Supervision Class aims to provide a reassuring environment for parents, alleviating their concerns about their children's homework amidst their busy work schedules. Tutorial Classes not only offer professional homework guidance but also assist children in completing assignments and learning tasks, ensuring their comprehension and mastery of the acquired knowledge. If supervision is needed, students can stay until 8 p.m. Additionally, for students attending schools near the tutorial center, we provide optional pick-up and drop-off services for an additional fee.

Homework Assistance and Supervision  (12 - 20 Classes)

  • Age: K.2 - P.6
  • Location: Wan Chai
  • Language: Cantonese / English
  • Price: $2,800 - $3,400

Homework Assistance and Supervision Class with a student-to-teacher ratio of 1:5 - Hong Kong Island District

Many families are currently facing the challenge of children being unwilling to do their homework, often needing constant reminders and requests. This Homework Assistance and Supervision Class operates with small class sizes and a student-to-teacher ratio of 1:5, allowing for more comprehensive supervision and checking of students' completed school assignments, previewing, and reviewing school textbooks. Teachers also provide assistance to students and answer any questions they may have.

In preparation for tests and exams, simulated exam papers are provided to help students familiarize themselves with the exam format and improve their confidence, exam results, and test-taking skills. The tutorial class also maintains regular communication with parents through daily student record books, ensuring that both parties can stay informed about the student's daily learning progress.

Homework Assistance and Supervision Class  (20 lessons)

  • Age: P.1 - P.6
  • Location: South Horizons
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Price: $1,000 - $1,920

Homework Assistance Class with Small Class Ratio Comparable to Private Tutoring - Kowloon District

In order to help children develop good study habits and independent learning skills, the following homework assistance class operates with a small class ratio that can rival the effectiveness of private tutoring. Teachers provide professional guidance to ensure that students can complete their homework successfully as soon as possible.

The homework assistance class also offers preview assessments and additional practice materials to aid students in better understanding the learning content and improving their academic performance. Regular communication with parents is maintained to ensure they are updated on their child's learning progress. Such arrangements contribute to better academic outcomes for students.

Homework Assistance Class

  • Age: P.1 - P.6
  • Location: Kowloon City
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Price: $2,800 - $3,300

Private Tutoring Center with Over 10 Years of Teaching Experience - Kowloon District

The teachers at this private tutoring center have over 10 years of experience in teaching English and Mandarin. They hold a prestigious Level 2A certification in Mandarin proficiency granted by the National Language Commission. As certified teachers in Hong Kong, their expertise extends to English and Mandarin instruction, including Mandarin recitation and Mandarin GAPSK courses. With a successful track record in tutoring for Chinese and English exams, they consistently deliver outstanding academic results for students. Their exceptional skills have earned them the esteemed "Outstanding Instructional Teacher Award," and they are frequently sought after to serve as judges for a range of English, Mandarin, and Cantonese recitation competitions.

In this private tutoring center, which focuses on primary and secondary school subjects, the teachers carefully follow up on students' textbook knowledge and homework from school. They reinforce the key concepts and exam points for each subject to consolidate the learned knowledge and further enhance their learning achievements.

Private Tutoring Center for Primary and Secondary School Students

  • Age: K.1 - F.6
  • Location: Kwun Tong / Live Online Classes
  • Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English
  • Price: $320 - $360

Special Education Tutoring Center for Preschool to Primary School - New Territories District

Students with special education needs often require more time and effort to understand and grasp learning content. Through appropriate teaching methods and individualized lesson plans, significant progress can be achieved more easily.

The education center is dedicated to providing comprehensive educational support for students with special education needs, including reading and writing difficulties, developmental coordination disorders, visual-spatial perception disorders, and more. They have an excellent and experienced team of educators who are committed to providing the best learning experience for students through personalized learning, small-class teaching, and the Montessori learning approach.

They believe that each student has their own learning style and potential. Based on the student's needs and abilities, they provide customized teaching plans to help them achieve their learning goals.

Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum (8 - 20 lessons)

  • Age: 6 - 12 (P.1 - P.6)
  • Location: Tuen Mun / Yuen Long
  • Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English
  • Price: $1,300 - $2,400

Comprehensive Specialized Primary School Consolidation Course (4 - 20 Lessons)

  • Age: 2.5 - 5.5 (K.1 - K.3)
  • Location: Tuen Mun / Yuen Long
  • Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English
  • Price: $880 - $2,400

Comprehensive Test Preparation Class for All Subjects (8 - 20 lessons)

  • Age: 9 - 12 (P.4-P.6)
  • Location: Tuen Mun / Yuen Long
  • Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English
  • Price: $1,600 - $2,400

Flexible and Engaging Olympiad Mathematics Course - New Territories District

One of the characteristics of the Olympiad Mathematics course is its emphasis on a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and principles, rather than relying solely on applying formulas and algorithms. Through challenging mathematical problems and exercises, students are guided to think critically and explore different problem-solving methods, expanding their thinking patterns.

The instructors of the following courses hold kindergarten teaching licenses and Olympiad Mathematics licenses. They focus on nurturing early intellectual development in students. Children can learn how to analyze and solve complex mathematical problems, train their logical thinking and reasoning abilities, and cultivate an interest in mathematics. By using reasoning and analysis, they break down and simplify complex problems, enhancing their skills and understanding of mathematical operations, and helping children solve mathematical challenges on their own. This not only improves their mathematical abilities but also cultivates their confidence and patience in problem-solving in daily life.

Olympiad Mathematics Thinking Course (4 Lessons)

  • Age: 3 - 5 / 6 - 10
  • Location: Tuen Mun
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Price: $800 - $900

Establishing a Tutoring Center to Build a Solid Foundation in Mathematics and Nurture Math Prodigies - Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories

Many students often find mathematics particularly challenging during their learning process. Mathematics involves a large number of abstract concepts and complex calculations, requiring students to have good logical thinking and mathematical foundations. For some students, understanding and applying these mathematical concepts can be difficult, leading to fear and resistance towards mathematics.

Furthermore, in the realm of mathematics, the problem-solving journey often demands considerable time and patience. This can exert pressure and lead to frustration, particularly for students with less sturdy mathematical foundations. That's where our education center steps in with two specialized mathematics tutoring classes. These classes are meticulously designed to not only boost students' comprehension, sensitivity, and enthusiasm for mathematics but also to foster logical thinking skills. Their systematic teaching approach places a strong emphasis on grasping mathematical concepts, ensuring a solid foundation for students to excel.

The education center is dedicated to nurturing math prodigies, and its past students have achieved outstanding results in the DSE mathematics examination. The curriculum and teaching materials are highly regarded by students from top-notch schools, aiming to build a solid foundation in mathematics and instill confidence in all students.

Primary School Mathematics Specialized Regular (4 Lessons)

  • Age: 9 - 12 (P.4 - P.6)
  • Location: Tai Wai / Prince Edward / Tin Hau
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Price: $850

Secondary School Mathematics Specialized Regular  (4 Lessons)

  • Age: F.1 - F.6
  • Location: Tai Wai / Prince Edward / Tin Hau
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Price: $950 - $1,250

Online English Learning Platform

With globalization and technological advancements, learning is no longer limited to traditional face-to-face courses. Online education provides a convenient learning environment, breaking geographical barriers. Unlike conventional one-way instruction, this platform emphasizes teacher-student interaction, using guidance to inspire critical thinking and encourage students to think independently. The interactive teaching approach allows students to immerse themselves in the classroom and enjoy learning English.

The platform features Cambridge English exam courses meticulously crafted by Cambridge examiners and renowned English experts. Within these tutorial classes, students gain a thorough grasp of the Cambridge exam structure while receiving invaluable guidance on diverse test-taking strategies. Moreover, the platform offers an array of courses designed to nurture budding English story writers, thematic English courses, and English phonics classes. These tutorial classes are dedicated to nurturing a continuous learning spirit in students and elevating their English proficiency to new heights.

Cambridge English Exam Preparation Courses, Jolly Phonics,  English Thematic Course,  English Story Builder

To Conclude

Students can learn additional knowledge and skills beyond their school curriculum by participating in different tutorial classes, expanding their learning horizons. Choosing supplementary tutoring classes that complement the school curriculum can help children better understand and master the learning content. This can contribute to improving their academic performance and enhancing their competitiveness in their studies.

By ILK Post
August 7, 2023
The Selection Principles of Extracurricular Classes : Child’s Personality & Interest

Extracurricular classes are a good way to help children develop diverse interests and skills. Through different types of extracurricular courses such as music, dance, art, language, sports, science, etc., children can explore and develop their interests and talents, thereby stimulating their learning enthusiasm and motivation

At the same time, extracurricular classes not only provide learning opportunities for children, but also provide opportunities for mutual communication and interaction with peers, thereby learning to interact with people, cooperate, and communicate, and improve their social skills at an early stage.

Moreover, through different extracurricular classes, children can try various new skills and things. When they can complete each of their projects, they can enhance their confidence and sense of pride, thereby cultivating self-confidence.

More importantly, the design of various extracurricular classes is usually very interesting and challenging. This can stimulate children's creativity and imagination, help them develop diverse interests and skills, and allow them to discover their interests from an early age.

But how to choose the most suitable extracurricular classes for children? The following three principles can help parents choose suitable extracurricular courses for their children.

Extracurricular classes Principle 1: Starting from the child's personality

A child's personality refers to their personality traits and behavioral patterns. Some children like socializing and interacting, while others prefer solitude and contemplation; some children like challenges and adventures, while others prefer stability and safety. Understanding a child's personality traits can help parents choose appropriate extracurricular classes to meet their needs and interests. For example, if a child likes challenges and adventures, parents can choose adventure sports or exploration classes such as Ninja Course , Rope Skills Challenge Day Camp, etc., to allow the child to gain a sense of challenge and achievement.

Extracurricular classes Principle 2: Starting from the child's interests

A child's interest refers to their degree of fondness for certain things or activities. Some children like art and culture, while others prefer science and technology; some children like music and performance, while others prefer sports and outdoor activities. Understanding a child's interests can help parents choose appropriate extracurricular classes for them to meet their needs and interests. For example, if a child likes music and performance, parents can choose a music or dance extracurricular class such as Little Star Singing Class and Ballet Stretching workout class, to allow the child to develop skills in music and performance.

Extracurricular classes Principle 3: Starting from the child's age and developmental stage

Children of different ages and developmental stages have different needs and interests. For example, children in the early childhood stage need to be exposed to more games and exploration activities such as Parent-Child Art Experience Day: Creative Light Clay Class and Art Jamming / Oil Bar Workshop, while teenagers need to be exposed to more social and practical skills such as ENGLISH x FITNESS Course. Understanding a child's age and developmental stage can help parents choose extracurricular classes that are suitable for their age to meet their needs and interests.

To conclude:

Extracurricular classes not only help children to develop diverse interests and skills, but also improve their social skills, self-confidence, and creativity. However, it is crucial to choose suitable extracurricular classes for them. Parents can follow these three principles of choosing extracurricular classes, the child's personality, interests, and age, to meet their needs and interests. Finding the right extracurricular classes can help children discover their potential and talents, and set a solid foundation for their future success. Let us choose the most suitable extracurricular classes for our children and lay the foundation for their bright future.

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