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Please read the course information after you have liked our post, shared it with your friend, and followed the ILK Learning social media pages. All you need to do now is to apply for the Taekwondo Trial Class Lucky Draw by filling out the below form. Please be reminded to fill out the preferred location, kid’s age, and gender so the Taekwondo School can better divert students to their selected location. We will try our best to negotiate for more trial spots if there are a lot of sign-ups!



Introduction to Taekwondo:

Taekwondo is a Korean form of martialarts . “Tae” means the use of feet; “Kwon” means the use of hands, and “do” means the spiritual cultivation of martial arts. These 3 simple words, encompass the meaning of this activity with the core of self-cultivation and training of the will, etiquette, and morality.


1️⃣ 禮儀 2️⃣ 廉恥 3️⃣ 忍耐 4️⃣ 克己 5️⃣ 百折不屈

Spirit of Taekwondo:

1️⃣ Etiquette 2️⃣ Shame 3️⃣ Patience 4️⃣ Self-denial 5️⃣ Unyielding

了解你的跆拳道會: 壹道場 Primo 精英跆拳道會

Know your Taekwondo School: Primo


Location: Lai Chi Kok, Tsuen Wan, Tin Shui Wai, Lam Tin


Expiration Date: 5 November 2022


Announcement Date: 9 November 2022

參加年齡:3 – 11 歲 <歡迎SEN學童參加>

Target Age Group: Age 3 – 11 < SEN Children are welcome >

得到一節試堂名額:暫定3名 <反應熱烈,將會加推>

Number or Lucky Audiences:  Temporary 3 < We might increase the # of Lucky Audiences >

幸運兒將會透過電話及WhatsApp 聯絡閣下!

We will contact the lucky audiences via WhatsApp / Phone!